This product is 100% all natural extract from huperzia serrata. Compare this to other products, which do not specify their product is all natural. This product is intended to be used in manufacturing and distribution for production of capsules, dietary or herbal supplements. Consumer use of this product is recommended to be used under the direct supervision of a physician and single dosages should not exceed 15mg. An appropriate scale should be used. In high dosages Huperzine-A is toxic and can be fatal, which is why Belle Chemical only offers this product in a 1% concentration. Higher concentrations of Huperzine-A are extracted by the use of solvents to slowly remove impurities through each extraction. By providing this product in a 1% concentration, we have limited the number of chemical solvents and extractions the product goes through and have eliminated the need for fillers such as dicalcium phosphate or sugars.

  • Non-GMO
  • Lab tested
  • All natural (non-synthetic)

Benefits of Huperzine-A may include the following, but no guarantee or statement of effects is made by Belle Chemical.

  • Increased level of Acetylcholine available in the brain.*
  • Increased focus on mental cognition from the levels of acetylcholine available in the brain.*


All Natural Huperzine-A (1% concentration) in 10g bottle

This is 10g of product in a small bottle with childproof lid.

All Natural Huperzine-A (1% concentration) in 20g bottle

This is 20g of product in a small bottle with childproof lid.